Going on holiday soon?

Everyone wants and needs a holiday. So, at some point over the next few months, you’ll be relaxing somewhere other than your home sweet home. If you do, there a few items you’ll want to take care of before you go:

  • Clean your filter: Wash your filter pads and/or back-flush your biological filter.
  • Clean your fountain intake or debris-handling filter: Algae and sludge tend to build up in the little holes or filter pad. Pull them out of the pond and give them a good spray with your garden hose.
  • Top off the water level, and remember to use some form of tap safe to keep your water safe for your fish.
  • Make sure your fish are fed: If you’re going to be away for a week or more, consider an auto feeder, or have your neighbor feed them for you.
  • Check all hose fittings and waterfalls for any leaks